Losing beloved CFS volunteer Louise Hincks

The 21st of January 2022 is the day our lives changed forever. It was the day mother of five, wife, daughter, sister, aunty and friend Louise Hincks was tragically taken from us battling the firegrounds near Lucindale in the state’s south-east.

Louise was a dedicated, passionate and experienced firefighter of over 20 years and nothing could prepare us for the possibility that she would not be coming home. The shock of receiving the news of Louise’s passing still exists with us to this current day.

In the following hours and days after Louise’s passing, the grief of losing her, along with the consequential questions on how to manage such a traumatic event impacting the family were more than apparent. During this time the family thankfully received the caring support of the CFS Foundation to provide urgently needed financial assistance required following this tragedy. The immediate care provided by the CFS Foundation took away any immediate financial burdens including cost of living, memorials and any instant costs associated with her passing.

Together with the immediate pressures of Louise’s passing, the family were able to negotiate the turbulent period of her daughters approaching year 12 and 10 at high school. With the support of the CFS Foundation, the worry of financially supporting these important years of her children’s education was alleviated.

Nine months have passed since that fateful day and whilst we will forever miss our Louise, the ongoing support and love provided by the CFS Foundation has afforded substantial relief from the sudden pressures bestowed on the family. Louise’s two daughters successfully completed their year 12 and 10 of high school.

The CFS Foundation continues to assist in celebrating Louise’s legacy including fundraising events supporting the next generation of CFS volunteers, providing event tickets to the family and being a major contributor to the coordination and development of Louise’s memorial garden located by Happy Valley CFS Station.

Whilst we will always miss Louise and have her forever in our hearts, we are extremely grateful for the care and support provided to the family in our time of need.

Words from Tony Brown - Louise's brother

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