To provide immediate financial assistance and care to CFS volunteer fire-fighters and their families to offset suffering and distress caused in the line of active duty.


A financially sustainable Foundation, which supports and cares for CFS volunteer fire-fighters.


That CFS volunteer fire-fighters and their families will be promptly supported and cared for in their time of need.


The CFS Foundation was formed in 2001, and its purpose is to provide immediate financial support to CFS volunteer fire-fighters and their families in the event of death, injury or loss of property while engaging in their community service.

"The CFS Foundation is an amazing organisation that supports our frontline heroes and their families if they are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. Throughout my time in the CFS, I have witnessed the passion that the CFS Foundation has for supporting our people and ensuring the provision of immediate support to volunteer firefighters and their families when they need it most. The CFS Foundation does not receive any financial support from the CFS – with all monies raised coming from the community that holds our volunteers in such high regard. I am proud to support the CFS Foundation as it continues to serve our members who give so much for their communities."

- Brett Loughlin CFS Chief Officer