Terms & Conditions

Support from fundraisers in our community enables the CFS Foundation to support our CFS volunteers in times of need.

We value the energy, enthusiasm and effort you make on our behalf. As a fundraiser, there are a few terms and conditions that you need to be aware of and accept when fundraising for the CFS Foundation.

In order to be an authorised fundraiser for CFS Foundation Inc, your event or activity must be registered. 

  • You must have an official Letter of Authority issued for your fundraising activities. This is required by law and will be issued once our office has assessed and approved your fundraising event or activity.
  • The activity organiser is responsible for ensuring the safety of the activity, including organising appropriate public liability insurance and providing first aid services if they are needed.
  • It is your responsibility to organise adequate insurance cover, obtain appropriate permits and/or licenses and meet national health and safety standards during your fundraising activity.
  • All fundraising activities must comply with all relevant Australian Federal and State laws. Fundraisers also need to be aware of regulations related to gaming, liquor licensing and food preparation, and organise any permits, licenses, insurance or authorities to fundraise where necessary.  This information will be available from your state government or local council.
  • Fundraisers need to hold on to all the money raised until your fundraising activity is over and make sure it’s kept securely. The net proceeds from your fundraising event or activity must be remitted to the CFS Foundation within 30 days of the activity being completed.  
  • Fundraisers have a responsibility to make it clear that the fundraising activity is not an official CFS Foundation fundraiser.
  • The CFS Foundation Support logo should be used for all fundraisers.
  • Fundraisers are not authorised to speak on behalf of the CFS Foundation, only about your fundraising activity. 
  • Fundraisers are not able to approach the general public with door to door or telephone collections as part of your fundraising activity.

DECLARATION OF PROMISE: I accept and will abide by the above terms and conditions. I will notify CFS Foundation Inc. of any changes to the event that will have an impact on any of the above guidelines.