Fundraise for us

You can support the CFS Foundation in your own creative way by hosting an event.

Third party groups have successfully initiated fundraisers that reflect our shared values and goals and the unique talents and interests that independent groups bring to our community. Third party fundraisers have included 

  • Cocktail and dinner parties sponsored by community groups
  • Car rallies
  • Barbecues 
  • Holiday collections by businesses
  • Taking part in a community sporting event
  • Host a movie night/trivia night with friends and family
  • 4x4 Driving events
  • Motorbike charity rides 

If you are interested in initiating a third party fundraiser, please contact us or phone 1300 270 278 to discuss how we can help your event become a real success. When you're ready to go, please register your fundraiser via our online form.

Our Supporters