CFS Wellbeing Officer Appointment


The CFS Foundation is proud to announce the new appointment of Jana Wurriehausen as our CFS Wellbeing Officer who will be delivering Mental Health First Aid training to our CFS volunteers around the state.

We understand that some SA CFS volunteers are likely to be regularly exposed to potentially traumatic events which can impact severely their mental health and the family members they live with, and the CFS Foundation wanted to be able to provide our CFS volunteers with as much support as they need.

Jana has begun to deliver the accredited Mental Health First Aid Australia program to our CFS members across the state through a 2 day workshop. Jana will be travelling regionally across the state to ensure all our volunteers have access to the program. The workshop covers several mental health situations and problems so that CFS volunteers and their families can optimise their volunteering experience.

The program is aimed to give participants empowerment and confidence to approach fellow CFS volunteers who may be struggling and provide assistance in a structured and well-intentioned manner. The program will deliver training specifically focused on CFS volunteers and preparing them for potential risks to their wellbeing. This, in turn, will help CFS volunteers continue their volunteering role, even after a traumatic incident.

The CFS Foundation would like to thank SA Power Networks and independent groups like “Walk for a Veteran” who have donated and fundraised to make this position of Wellbeing Officer become a reality. The CFS Foundation relies on donations and sponsorship to continue our work to support our CFS volunteers in more ways than one.

Again, we thank the community for coming together and working as a team to make this position come to life. We are excited to see the results in our regions and brigades.

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