Vince Monterola

For more than 50 years I have served in EFS/CFS, as a fire-fighter, Station Officer, Brigade Captain, Group Officer, Deputy Board Chairman, Chief Executive and other roles. Over all that time, rather than becoming blasé about the service and commitment of our volunteers I have become increasingly impressed by their selflessness and their professionalism.  I have seen the sacrifices they have made and the suffering they have endured; family, vocation, leisure time, have all been neglected at times because community demands for safety from fire and other emergencies were given priority.

The men and women of today’s CFS are as good as any I have known. It is hard to imagine a South Australia without them.  Most seek little more from the system than to be well trained and well equipped, and at times to be appreciated for their effort.

Because I hold our volunteers in such high regard and know the dangers they often face I have been keen to support them through the Foundation since it began almost 20 years ago. To have been invited to serve as Patron is a great honour and I look forward to further serving these worthy men and women.